Bitome makes wearable devices that translate the language of your body into meaningful biometric stats and metrics.

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Bitome makes consumer diagnostic products that help you understand your body better. Whether you're training for a marathon or preparing for tomorrows big meeting, you need personalized insight into how your body is operating. Bitome empowers you with biometric data, so you can operate at your best!

Our first product measures your HYDRATION LEVEL in real-time and non-invasively.

Why should I care?

Hydration = Health

500K hospitalizations every year but no way to measure dehydration!

Be Your Best

Hydration is important for your physical and cognitive health! This is your 'brain on water'.

We Need Tools

Guessing hydration level turns out to be pretty inaccurate. So why not have a tool to measure hydration level?

...And Algorithms

Strap on our wearable, and let the device crunch the numbers. We'll provide you with easy to understand statistics.

They're in the computer?

How does it work you ask? It's as simple as wearing the device and downloading an application to your mobile or desktop device. We'll crunch the numbers and give you a summary.

Who are you people?

Team Bitome is a group of passionate individuals committed to the goal of improving health & wellness through new technology.

Herb Ryan

Co-Founder & CEO

Jens Höfflin

Co-Founder & CTO

Trevor Kemp PhD

Co-Founder & COO

Meghan Wood

Business Strategist

Nam Le PhD

Software Architect

Oliver Vranesh

Product Designer

Chris French MD

Advisory Board Member

David Cabot

Advisory Board Member

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